Internet for business customers

Fibre-Optic Internet

High-speed Internet is provided for businesses via NTT’s own fibre-optic networks. Four alternative transport connections with a foreign Internet network. Our fibre-optic network is constantly expanding!

Internet via a leased line

High-speed Internet is provided for businesses via NTT’s own fibre-optic networks. Foreign networks are accessible through at least four different communication channels outside of other Lithuanian communications providers. Up to 10Gbps bandwidth available.

Wireless Internet solutions for enterprises

Internet and wireless Wi-Fi connection are inseparable elements of an up-to-date company. For wireless connections, a special router is used. NTT rents out high-quality wireless routers or provides them to customers for use at no charge during the contract period. The routers can effectively serve about ten devices. Excellent compatibility with Apple devices. One network and a single password throughout the company's premises (regardless of the quantity of aerials).

Internet in business centres

We develop electronic communications networks and provide Internet and data transmission services. We consult, design and install low-current networks in business centres.

Internet via a dedicated radio line

In areas without the fibre-optic network, we provide Internet services using radio aerials. We have implemented point-to-point solutions that ensure constant maximum bandwidth.


NTT has been providing IPv6 service in its network since 2012. The Internet of Things, hosting services, and the increasing number of Internet users require a very large number of IP addresses. Since the number of available IPv4 addresses is coming to an end, IPv6 addressing has been offered as an alternative. IPv6 ensures a virtually unlimited number of IP addresses, which satisfies customers’ needs and technology requirements.