Fibre-Optic Internet

High-speed Internet is provided for businesses via NTT’s own fibre-optic networks.

Foreign networks are accessible through at least four alternative transport connections outside of other Lithuanian communications providers. Our fibre-optic network is constantly expanding!

Rate plan


Fibre-optic network security

Standard WiFi access

Customer service 24/7

Number of IP addresses 


Professional corporate WiFi solution

Monthly rate (excl. VAT)*


50 Mbps



Upon request

Special offer! 

23 Eur/month


100 Mbps


Upon request

Upon request

Special offer! 

34 Eur/month


300 Mbps


Upon request

Upon request

Special offer! 

45 Eur/month


600 Mbps

Upon request

Upon request

Upon request

Special offer! 

59 Eur/month



Upon request

Upon request

Upon request

Special offer! 

69 Eur/month

* - The specified rate may change due to: 
- Data stream sharing ratio 
- Installation of NTT network and subsequent investment 
- Contract term. 


Need an especially high-speed connection?

Higher bandwidth are provided according to the terms of wholesale services.

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NTT is one of the largest providers in Lithuania – 50 Gbps to international Internet networks.

Our international stream throughput always guarantees sufficient bandwidth to our customers.

We provide Internet to companies and Internet service providers

More than 1400 enterprises and 22 Internet service providers rely on NTT.

Reliability is ensured by fully reserved streams

We use duplicate streaming control equipment that ensures access to the Internet on two independent channels.

Customer service 24/7

Our technical staff is constantly on duty to provide the necessary assistance immediately.

Professional WiFi solutions for enterprises

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Connection solutions for company units

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