Wholesale services

Internet, data transmission, telephony, smart TV and television transmission services.

The company started its operation in 2004 as a wholesale supplier of Internet and telephony services.


We are currently building our own networks and installing modern servers and other technological solutions. Our company is constantly growing and expanding and therefore can offer more and more high-quality communication solutions.

Profesionalios Interneto, duomenų perdavimo, telefonijos, išmaniosios televizijos ir televizijos perdavimo paslaugos


Global IP transit is used by 22 Lithuanian Internet service providers. Foreign networks are accessible through at least four alternative transport connections outside of other Lithuanian communications providers.

Data transfer

We offer data transmission services via dedicated communication lines to operators and service providers both in Lithuania and abroad.

Telephony services

We provide all the necessary means for the provision of retail telephony service.

Smart TV

We provide the necessary means for the provision of smart TV service.

TV signal transmission

A large number of TV programs, which is regularly updated. Regional TV signal transmission across Lithuania.