Global IP transit is used by 22 Lithuanian Internet service providers.

Foreign networks are accessible through at least four alternative transport connections outside of other Lithuanian communications providers.

A communications channel dedicated to a single customer.

We guarantee a communication channel right up to the customer's terminal equipment.

BGP routing protocol-based solution

Dynamic routing protocol is instrumental in reserving network access and bundling larger networks.

Total bandwidth to international networks is 50 Gbps.

According to data of the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, we are one of the leaders in terms of international bandwidth.

Four alternative transport connections with a foreign Internet network

NTT offers the accessibility of the Internet network at least through four international transport connections.

24×7 service support

Our technical staff is always on duty to provide the necessary assistance immediately.

You can choose a different bandwidth for connection to local and international networks

Facilitating network attack prevention and enabling optimal use of acquired bandwidth.

Active network monitoring

We provide schedules and other monitoring tools to allow active monitoring and response to changes in the network.



Possibility of connection to the Internet via alternative routes (ring network).
Automatic or semi-automatic Black Hole mechanism.
Provision of a required number of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


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